Electrostatic Dissipative Foam - Conductive Foam

Conductive foam also known as ESD or Electrostatic Dissipative is used in many branches of industry as an effective method to control static electricity and risks due to electrostatic discharge. The performance of ESD foam in managing static electricity is usually evaluated by the measurement of Surface Resistivity.

Our ESD foam comes in various thicknesses, but is only available in BLACK.

ESD Specs:

Electrostatic Dissipative (conductive)
3-lb density, closed cell
Surface resistance: 10⁴
Sheets are 35" x 71"
Thickness: 1/4" to 3"
No minimum order quantity


Cascade's custom-cut foam products are guaranteed for three (3) years against separation or delamination from exposure to oils, solvents, and jet fuels.


ESD Foam